Funny commands in Linux with Examples

Funny Commands of Linux

In this article we will discuss some of the funny commands that are used in Linux.



1. To install pv Command

Run the following command to install pv packages in your system.

[root@linuxhelp ~]# yum install pv                     [On RedHat based Systems]
[root@linuxhelp ~]# apt-get install pv                 [On Debian based Systems]

To view the real time text effect on your screen, execute the below script.

[root@linuxhelp:~]# echo " is good place for linux knowledge" | pv -qL 10
Linuxhelp[dot]com is good place for linux knowledge

The “q” option denotes “quite” which means no output information is available and “L” option means “Limit of Transfer of bytes per second”.

2. To install toilet Command

To install toilet command, execute below script. It prints text with border in terminal.

[root@linuxhelp ~]# apt-get install toilet

Run the following command in the terminal to view the execution of the toilet command.

root@linuxhelp:~# while true; do echo “$(date | toilet -f term -F border –Linuxhelp)”; sleep 1; done
“???????????? ?–Linuxhelp? ????????????”
“???????????? ?–Linuxhelp? ????????????”
“???????????? ?–Linuxhelp? ????????????”
“???????????? ?–Linuxhelp? ????????????”
“???????????? ?–Linuxhelp? ????????????”
“???????????? ?–Linuxhelp? ????????????”
“???????????? ?–Linuxhelp? ????????????”
“???????????? ?–Linuxhelp? ????????????”
“???????????? ?–Linuxhelp? ????????????”

Using ctrl+z, you can suspend the above script.

3.To install rig Command

In order to generate a random address and identity every time, install rig package using yum command as given below.

[root@linuxhelp:~]# apt-get install rig

Run the following command to view the rig command in action.

root@linuxhelp:~# rig
Ted Cooper
444 Ellis Terr
Yonkers, NY 10701
(914) xxx-xxxx
root@linuxhelp:~# rig
Isabelle Frederick
279 Old Pinbrick Dr
Beloit, WI 53511
(608) xxx-xxxx
root@linuxhelp:~# rig
Monique Landry
470 Ashland St
Phoenix, AZ 85026
(602) xxx-xxxx

4. To install cowsay Command

Run the following command to install cowsay command.

[root@linuxhelp ~]# apt-get install cowsay

To view a list of available animals.
Run the following command to list the available animals in cowsay command.

root@linuxhelp:~# cowsay -l
Cow files in /usr/share/cowsay/cows:
apt beavis.zen bong bud-frogs bunny calvin cheese cock cower daemon default
dragon dragon-and-cow duck elephant elephant-in-snake eyes flaming-sheep
ghostbusters gnu head-in hellokitty kiss kitty koala kosh luke-koala
mech-and-cow meow milk moofasa moose mutilated pony pony-smaller ren sheep
skeleton snowman sodomized-sheep stegosaurus stimpy suse three-eyes turkey
turtle tux unipony unipony-smaller vader vader-koala www

Run the following command to view the cowsay command.
Various available animals can be used with cowsay by mentioning in the command.

[root@linuxhelp ~]# cowsay -f snowman Welcome To Linuxhelp


[root@linuxhelp ~]# cowsay -f calvin Welcome To Linuxhelp


5.To install cowsay in graphical

Run the following command to install the xcowsay packages.

[root@linuxhelp ~]# apt-get install xcowsay

Run the following command to view the xcowsay command.

[root@linuxhelp ~]# xcowsay “Welcome To LinuxHelp”


6.To install xeyes Command

Execute the below script to install the xeyes package.

[root@linuxhelp ~]# apt-get install xeyes

Now run the following command to view in action.

[root@linuxhelp ~]# xeyes


7.To install cmatrix

Run the following command to install the cmatrix packages.

[root@linuxhelp ~]# apt-get install cmatrix

Use the below command to view cmatrix command in action.

[root@linuxhelp ~]# cmatrix




8.To install oneko

Run the following command to install the oneko packages.

[root@linuxhelp ~]# apt-get install oneko

Run the following command to view the oneko command in action.

[root@linuxhelp ~]# oneko


9.To display a fire in the screen

For the install of the package run the following command.

[root@linuxhelp ~]# apt-get install libaa-bin

Run the following command to view the fire command in action.

[root@linuxhelp ~]# aafire


10. To install fortune

Run the following command to install fortune package.

[root@linuxhelp ~]# apt-get install fortune

Run the following command to view the fortune in action.

root@linuxhelp:~# fortune

In Marseilles they make half the toilet soap we consume in America, but
the Marseillaise only have a vague theoretical idea of its use, which they
have obtained from books of travel.
-- Mark Twain

11.To get a stream Locomotive

Execute the following command to install stream Locomotive sl package.

[root@linuxhelp ~]# apt-get install sl

Run the following command to view sl command in action.

[root@linuxhelp ~]# sl


To view different locomotion use ‘sl -ls‘ in the command.



For Watching star wars movie in command line, run the following command.

[root@linuxhelp ~]# telnet



To print the large characters in a screen characters figlet command is used and to install the package run the following command.

[root@linuxhelp ~]# apt-get install figlet

To view it in action run the following command

[root@linuxhelp ~]# figlet –f lean


14.To display the snow fall in the screen

Create a file and name as

[root@linuxhelp ~]#touch

Copy and paste the below code in and save the file

LINES=$(tput lines)
COLUMNS=$(tput cols)
declare -A snowflakes
declare -A lastflakes
function move_flake() {
if [ "${snowflakes[$i]}" = "" ] || [ "${snowflakes[$i]}" = "$LINES" ]; then
if [ "${lastflakes[$i]}" != "" ]; then
printf "?33[%s;%sH ?33[1;1H " ${lastflakes[$i]} $i
printf "?33[%s;%sH*?33[1;1H" ${snowflakes[$i]} $i
while :
move_flake $i
for x in "${!lastflakes[@]}"
move_flake "$x"
sleep 0.1

Now execute the file using the following command

[root@linuxhelp ~]#./


Thank you! for using Linux Help.

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user image Author :  Caden
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Jo 11-12-2017 at 12:26
Good fun, here. Thanks! My favourite is an old ascii amusement from the bsdgames collection [q.v] $ sudo apt-get install bsdgame ..then.. $ worms . Here's a list of the ancient text-based games which *nix nerds have been enjoying for years, now held in pkg 'bsdgames' (for most distros): adventure, arithmetic, atc, backgammon, battlestar, bcd, boggle, caesar, canfield, countmail, cribbage, dab, go-fish, gomoku, hack, hangman, hunt, mille, monop, morse, number, pig, phantasia, pom, ppt, primes, quiz, random, rain, robots, rot13, sail, snake, tetris, trek, wargames, worm, worms, wump, wtf