How to add Call queues in Elastix 5

How to add Call queues in Elastix 5

In this tutorial, we are going to learn more about Elastix 5 and how it supports call queues. A call queue allows the user to route incoming calls to a specific group of phone numbers or the members assigned in the queue. In the queue, the members in the group are rung in order of first to last, and the queue continues. When in hold, the assigned music will play until some member attends the waiting call. 


To add call queues in Elastix 5

To add call queues in Elastix 5. Select call queues option from the left side panel of the elastix phone system. 

call queue

Now click on add option to create a new call queue. After creating a new call queue, configure the general settings for the call queue by entering the name,extension,ring time and select a polling strategy.


Next configure destination if the call is answered or else select the music on hold and select a play intro prompt to keep the caller waiting. 


In other options enable the announce queue position to caller and enter the announcement interval. Select the queue language and next configure click to call option. 

annoucment interval

To complete the configuration select the agents and add the agents to the queue. 


Now the configuration is complete with a call queue.

Advanced options

To avail the advanced options, use the 3cx pro edition which contains the call queue option. 

advanced options

Also you can configure the queue e-mail notifications. 

email notifications

Finally click ok to add the new queue to the Elastix. 

new queue

The Call queues feature is not available for 3CX PBX edition.

Wasn't it a simple method to create a call queue in Elastix 5? Stay connected to know more about various other aspects of Elastix from our future articles. 


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