How To Change MX record in WHM/cPanel

To Change MX record in WHM/cPanel

MX(Mail Exchange) record is an important part of website's DNS. It informs the entire internet where the mails for a particular domain has to be forwarded. Procedure to create MX Record for mail server in WHM/cPanel is explained in this tutorial.


During mail server installation, you may get an error that none of the MX records has been assigned for the respective domain. Here, we are installing Zimbra mail server and the following error appears. To overcome this error, change the MX record pointing to that particular domain.

DNS error

First Login to the WHM home page. Click DNS Functions then navigate to Edit DNS zone.

WHM homepage

Now search for the required domain in DNS Zone Editor and click Edit.
DNS zone editor
In the MX record inteface, mention the priority as per your requirement and enter the Domain name. Here, we are setting the priority as 10 which is recommended.

MX record inteface

In the mail interface, change the category to "A" and add your mail server's public IP address. Once you click Save, then the message like  "The DNS record changed successfully" will appear.
DNS error

Now we have successfully updated the DNS Zone.


Navigate to mail server installation page. Enter "Y" and retype the domain name. Finally hit enter.

Make sure that you enter the same domain name that we have added in DNS Zone Editor.


Once you hit enter the "It is suggested that the domain name have an MX record configured in DNS" message appears.  Now you can continue with the mail server installation.
MX Record

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user image Author :  Jayce
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yassine 06-06-2018 at 20:58
hello LinuxHelp ,i have a Questions please answear : -I try to install and configure a Zimbra mail server in a VirtualBox but i Don't understend the configuration of MX record in WHM/cPanel (if i have to by a DNS or just set it localy ) please help me
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parthiban 07-06-2018 at 00:57
In order to receive email from outside clients (for example if you want to receive email from you must have the MX record configured (needed also public IP), but if you want to set email communication only between your local users you don't actually need a public IP or MX record. but zimbra installation won't continue the installation without a MX record, so there is a trick you can configure your local DNS with a MX record pointing to your local domain name of your mail server.