How to install BlackPanther OS 16.1

To install BlackPanther OS 16.1

BlackPanther is an open source operating system that completely based on Linux distributions. It contains elements from various operating systems, which is designed to work for daily tasks. Installation of BlackPanther OS is explained in this article.


Installation of BlackPanther

Download the black panther OS from its official site given below:

After downloading the OS make it  bootable with DVD or pendrive.

Select install panther os v16.1 and edit the settings.


Next select your language.


Choose your location.


Next select default keyboard layout.

keyboard layout

Choose the manual partitioning.

manual partitioning


Then create MBR partition table and then click on New Partition table.

New Partition table

Select the free space and then click on create option to create new partitions.

free space

Enter the following details as given below.

Boot partition

Size                300 MB
Partition type  primary
File system     Ext4
Mount point    /boot
Flag                boot
swap partition

Now create swap partition with the following details.

Size                4 GB
Partition type  primary
File system    Linux swap
Flag               swap
Finally create

Finally create root partition with the following details.

Size                  15 GB
Partition type    primary
File system       Ext4
Mount point       /
Flag                  root
root partition

After creating the partitions, click on OK option. Then enter the following credentials for the system and click on next option.

creating the partitions

Finally click on Install now option.


Here you can able to see the installation progress page.

installation progress

After installation completed , make a tick on restart now and quit option.


Here you can able to see the login screen of the BlackPanther OS.


The desktop has Dolphin file manager.


Here you can manage system settings.



Right click on the screen to add widgets and panels.


Application Launcher


System monitor


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