How To suspend/unsuspend account in WHM/cPanel

To suspend/unsuspend the account in WHM

To host a website using cPanel, first we have to create an account in WHM. When an account is not in use for a longer period of time, then we can suspend/unsuspend the account in WHM. This article explains, how to suspend/unsuspend account in WHM/cPanel.

To suspend the account

In the WHM home page, go to the account functions and click Manage account suspension.
WHM home page

Select the account which is to be suspended, we can either select the account using domain or username. Here we are selecting account using domain name. Now click suspend to suspend the account.
You may also mention the reason for the suspension in the 'Reason' section  and it is optional.
manage account suspension
Now the account will be suspended for limited period of time as shown below.
suspension of example
Now '' account is suspended successfully.

To unsuspend the account

In the WHM home page, Go to Account functions and Click Manage account suspension .
WHM home page
All the available accounts will be listed in the manage account suspension page. The suspended and unsuspended account, can be distinguished with the help of the colour code, the suspended account will be in red colour and the unsuspended account will be in white colour.
Select the suspended account and click unsuspend.

Now '' account will be unsuspended as shown below.
unsuspended file
The account which is suspended, due to bandwidth limitation cannot be unsuspended using this method. To unsuspend such account, change the bandwidth limit.


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