How to install Windows 7 VM on Proxmox VE

To install Windows 7 VM on Proxmox VE

This tutorial shows how to install a Windows 7 VM with spice client and VirtIO Drivers on Proxmox VE. Spice is a client software, which runs under spice protocol created for virtualization environment to allow remote sessions very fast. And VirtIO Drivers is a hard disk bus type which is faster than IDE and SCSI type


Installing Windows 7

Log into your Proxmox and click Create VM from your Proxmox Node. 



In the OS configuration, you need to choose your storage and ISO file.

ISO file


And then, choose Hard disk Bus Device as VirtIO Block and cache as Write-back.



After that, you need to configure CPU and proceed further.



Later, in the next step, you need to allocate memory Size for RAM


And then, you need to configure your network interface and proceed further to next step. 


And now, check all the details and click on the Finish button. 



Afterwards, click display and choose your display type as SPICE.



Now, You need to add the secondary DVD Drive for inserting VirtIO Drivers ISO.



After that, you need to choose your VirtIO drivers.ISO



And then, click “Start” to power on your vm, and choose the Console as SPICE.



You shall now go on with the installation of the Windows. 



Here the Hard disk is not identified, so we need to install the VirtIO drivers to identify hard disk. Now click Load Driver. 

Hard disk

proxmax 1

Load driver

Load driver 2


Now, you can find your hard disk, and partition it for Windows 7 installation.

Window 7


You are now in the penultimate stage of your Windows 7 installation. 


You are now asked to set up the windows. Give the necessary credentials.   


And then review your time and date settings. 

Date setting


After completing the windows 7 installation you need to install guest tools for windows 7 VM, download it from spice official website

spice official

The License agreement now appears on screen. Accept it and proceed.


Your SPICE Guest Tools setup now appears on your screen. 

Tool setup


The setup is now done. 


With this, the method to install Proxmox on Windows 7 comes to an end. 

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