How to Update Firefox 45 in RHEL / Centos 6

To Update Firefox 45 in RHEL / CentOS 6

This guide explains how to update Firefox to version 45 without deleting your current version of Firefox 45.

 If the backup of Firefox old version is available you can revert back at any time .

Download the Firefox package

You can download the binary package for your system architecture using following 'wget' command.

[root@linuxhelp ~]#  wget
--2016-03-25 17:53:08--
Connecting to||:443... connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK
Length: 51234777 (49M) [application/x-bzip2]
Saving to: “firefox-45.0.tar.bz2”

100%[=================================================================================================>] 51,234,777  28.4K/s   in 42m 30s

2016-03-25 18:35:40 (19.6 KB/s) - “firefox-45.0.tar.bz2” saved [51234777/51234777]


Extract the downloaded file

Now extract the desired tar file after downloading complete.

[root@linuxhelp ~]# tar xvf firefox-45.0.tar.bz2

Now move to the extracted directory and check the version of already installed Firefox

[root@linuxhelp ~]# cd firefox-45
[root@linuxhelp firefox-45]# firefox -v
Mozilla Firefox 38.7.0

Now get the extract location of binary command

[root@linuxhelp ]# which firefox

Move newly downloaded package into following location

Now move the newly downloaded package firefox-45 into /opt location as a name of Firefox 45 as follows. 

[root@linuxhelp ~]# mv firefox-45 /opt/firefox45

Now rename your old version Firefox file in that desired location

You can remove existing version or if you want to keep both versions. Here, we are keeping two versions. So, I’ll rename existing version and link original one to new instance.

[root@linuxhelp ~]# cd /usr/bin
[root@linuxhelp bin]# mv firefox /opt/firefox_old
[root@linuxhelp ~]# ln -s /opt/firefox45/firefox /usr/bin/firefox

To check version

Now check the version by following command.

[root@linuxhelp ~]# firefox –version
Mozilla Firefox 45.0

Note: You can check the command by two methods Firefox –v or –version both are produce the same output.


To open browser

Now finally open your Browser. You can open the browser in two methods by command line and directly click your browser option, am shown open the browser in command line by the following command.

[root@linuxhelp ~]# firefox


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