Anbox, the Android-to-Linux tool the developers have been waiting for


The Anbox is like a dream come true to many developers. The tool has the ability to run android apps natively in a Linux desktop environment.  

Simon Fels, the lead software engineer at Canonical has described about pre-alpha release of the Anbox platform. He says "It was born out of the idea of putting Android into a simple container based on LXC and bridging relevant parts over to the host operating system while not allowing any access to real hardware or user data,".

Some of the pros in Anbox are, it takes Linux namespaces like user, network and cgroup, the source code is entirely open source and groups like UBports and Sailfish OS community have been working toward using Anbox for Android application on the mobiles.

Anbox promises that it is possible to run mobile apps on a PC and also supports virtualization. It also uses snaps and LXC containers that can run on smartphones.

It's unlikely that Anbox will be a game-changer from the standpoint of applications, however, said Peter Christy, research director at 451 Research. He also added that running Android apps on Linux would not be as useful as enabling apps that can run in windows or MacOS, and thus the impact would be limited.

Let's see if Anbox makes it big on the market. If it does, major renovations in the world of Linux and Andriod may happen. 

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