Chrome 58 is rolling out to Mac, Windows and Linux with improvements to iframe navigation


Google has launched Chrome 58 for Windows, Mac and Linux with a number of features and security fixes. While this version is supposed to add support for touch bar it didn’t came out in the initial release.

The Touch bar keys on MacBook pro is on a horizontal strip of panel which contains the shortcuts. It includes adding a bookmark, refresh, moving forward and backward, instant access to Omnibox and much more.

It also contains the support for IndexedDB 2.0 standard, which makes it easier to work with large data sets in the browser. It features new schema management, bulk action methods and handling of failures.

The new rollout also contains many developer features like updating the site’s database, object stores and indexes can be renamed in-place after a refactoring for a better performance. Some of the methods include getKey () and openKeyCursor () when a database key is needed and continuePrimaryKey () to divide large data across big transactions.

The Chrome 58 also supports new iframe sandbox that allows top-navigation-user-activation. This keyword activates the sandboxed iframe to navigate the top-level page when triggered by user interaction and blocks the auto-redirects. It also contains the changes to Progressive Web Apps for Android, which makes the apps go completely full screen and hide the status and navigation bar so it gives a user a more in-depth viewing experience.

On the security front, there was a total of 29 bugs and squashed fully. These bugs were found by external developers, and they were awarded the prize money for these discovery.

These changes were welcomed on a red carpet by the users. The Google releases a new version of Chrome every six weeks and the Chrome 59 will arrive by the end of June.

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