Curtain falls on Mozilla’s Arrora Channel, Builds directly moves to beta version


Mozilla announced that it has decided to drop the Firefox Aurora release channel after its six year run. The decision has been made just a couple of days before the release of Mozilla Firefox 53 which is due on Wednesday, April 19th 2017.

 The Arrora Channel has met its fearful fate as it failed to live up to the company’s expectations as a first stabilization channel. A report from the company has stated that the move will help the company to streamline the release of a stable new version of Firefox with additional features to users and developers in a six week schedule, which is quicker than the usual time.



From April 18, developers will be moved to the beta version.  Mozilla has also assured that users will retain their Developer Edition themes, tools, and preferences, along with their existing profile, and they may not experience any kind of disruption.

 Firefox had used three development channels such as Beta, Aurora (also known as the Developer Edition), and Nightly before release a stable version to its users.

Usually, Firefox changes are introduced in Nightly versions first and then moved to the Aurora channel, then the Beta channel, and then finally to the Release channel which most users of Firefox are on. Taking the Arrora channel out of the picture will ensure that the code will reach the release versions of Firefox sooner than before.

But, it is to be noted that the change will have a ripple effect on Thunderbird and SeaMonkey as well as the service will be discontinued on them too. 

Firefox is not following Chrome in using one process per tab, because this consumes a vast amount of resources. Instead, it is exploring a way to provide users with more control. Last week, Bleeping Computer reported a proposal to allow users to select from one to seven content processes, with the eighth process being used by Firefox itself.


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