HPE Ensue with Trendy Itanium Engine and Container Off-Camp

HPE is commencing a new Integrity server of Integrity/HP-UX server with workload transition through Linux container. The integrity i6 model is totally different from Integrity server line, as it uses Intel Itanium 9700 series processors,  called as Kittson line.

These servers also acquire extended memory. HPE promises that integrity i6 and updated HP-UX provides:

  • Better total cost of ownership
  • Up to 50% reduction in database support and license costs over integrity i2 servers.
  • Enhanced system performance.
  • Improved system availability, data management and security.


HPE is keen to stress the longevity of the Integrity server line, with an Asia Pacific OEM partner quote asserting, "The new generation servers will enable us to continually provide our customers with the HPE Integrity servers through 2025 and beyond." They also added that, servers will have future integration with NVMe technology, and customers will get annual software updates and support until 2025 atleast.

It also allows the users to move HP-UX to Linux containers running on x86 servers with high-speed. It permits to keep workloads on Integrity/HP-UX and get maximum performance or transition to a containerized/x86 HP-UX environment.

Finally by 2025, user can expect x86 servers to be persistent memory and new-generation communications fabrics such as Gen Z, as well as expected Xeon processors that will follow IceLake(v8) and TigerLake(v9) and probably the WhateverLake.

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