MicroSoft’s App Store Welcomes Linux to their Subsystem

Microsoft recently offered the developers with more options on Windows 10 by introducing three unique versions of Linux OS - Ubuntu, SUSE and Fedora to the Windows App store. Ubuntu arrives in the Windows store, where else SUSE and Fedora are introduced to the Windows System for Linux (WSL).

It’s a huge treat for the Windows users as Windows10 supports both Linux software and Windows software. It is easy to run on Linux apps on any Windows 10 device as all the three versions are available to install directly from the Windows store.



By introducing Ubuntu to Windows, the company makes it easier for the developers to install and run Windows and Linux apps side by side. The use of other Linux firms shows that Microsoft’s deal with Canonical was a long-term investment in the Linux world.

New Windows 10 adds features to WSL: TCP socket and TPv6 improvements, Support for Unix socket and Net link socket, 24-bit color support and notify file change notifications. Microsoft generally sees WSL as a tool developers those who work on or open source projects. Build highlights WSL partnership works.

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