Wannacry attack is far from over – Experts


Last week the whole world witnessed the ugly effects of the wannacry, a ransomware attack which halted many hospitals, universities and businesses globally. When the entire world was thinking that anything worse than this is least likely to happen, the opinions from several experts proclaiming that the ransomware is just an appetizer and the main course is yet to be served, ignited everyone’s fear.

"That was just a big warning," says Rick McElroy, a security strategist at Carbon Black, one of the top agencies that develops endpoint cybersecurity software to detect malicious behavior. "If you weren't impacted by this one, something is going to come down the pike that's more advanced that you’re probably not prepared for. So start to build your defenses today to get out in front of this stuff,” he further added.



Various sources speculate that this attack may open new doors for cybercriminals who are likely to attempt to profit from this and similar vulnerabilities.  

The whole online turmoil started last week when the hackers hatched the Wannacry ransomware, also referred as called Wana Decryptor, WanaCrypt or WCry. The spiteful ransomware used the tools discovered in leaked documents from the National Security Agency (NSA) to compromise a file-sharing protocol in older Microsoft programs. What followed as a ransom message which appeared on all the compromised computers, the message demanded $300 in bitcoin for the code to unlock computers.

Although Microsoft issued a patch in March that protected newer Windows systems, a majority of the infections occurred on unsupported Windows XP systems still widely used in health care, academia, businesses and on home computers, stated Microsoft President Brad Smith on the company blog post. “We take every single cyber-attack on a Windows system seriously, and we’ve been working around the clock since Friday to help all our customers who have been affected by this incident,” Smith wrote. Microsoft also reversed its policy to now support users with older systems.

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