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How to Recover Yahoo Mail Password Without Phone Number?

Yahoo allows its users to reset the password of their account very easily but there are some users who do not need want to reset their password using phone number or want to reset Yahoo password without recovery email.

For such users only we are writing this blog so that they can reset their password with the use of email address so let us begin to know about the steps so that the users can know it.

Steps to Recover Password With the Help of Email Address

For the first step the users need to go to the Yahoo login page and then they need to fill in the email address and then press on the next option.

Now, the users need to click on I forgot my password option when it is asked for the users to fill the password.
The users now need to press on the option of recovery mail and then they need to hit the yes button.

Yahoo will send the code or the key to the mail address the users have put in and the users need to open the mail, copy the code and then fill it in the empty field in the box.

Now, the users know how to recover yahoo password without phone number and alternate email and they can use these ways to fix the issues they have facing till now. We also hope that the information which we have provided for the users in this blog has been helpful for the users.

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