Input / Output error occurs in Harddisk

When i send the file or List the contents in the newly mounted hardisk, there occurs I/O error... Is there any solution...?

Tags: Linux harddisk
user image Author :   daniel

Just unmount the Hardisk and run e2fsck command which helps to clear bad blocks.... Since its a new disk you may run mkfs.ext4 command and then e2fsck will helps u....!!!

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jagan January 17, 2017
i start errors is occure
how to remove

vijaykumar July 19, 2018
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why should i run mkfs.ext4... suppose if the disk mounted on any other file system like ext3,xfs.... then how mkfs.ext4 will work....?

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arunkumarak February 17, 2017

If you use different file system, you can use mkfs command with your file system type.

syntax : mkfs.< file system type >

Examples: mkfs.ext3, mkfs.ext4, mkfs.xfs

jagan March 13, 2017
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