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The plan for writing an essay is as follows: (step by step)

Step 1: Determine what problem the aphorism is about
Formulated by

Example of a beginning: "This aphorism is related to.
with the problem of politics" (power, ...etc.) "This
problem is important (relevant today
for me (for my country, for young people,
for all mankind), that is why I
I have chosen it as a subject of my discussion.

This is the first crucial point of K1, the criterion for evaluation of essaybox reviews. You need to understand it and express WHY you understood it.

Step 2: Reveal the author's understanding of the problem.
For example: (The author believes that... In the opinion of the
author....)If you remember here who was
the author (e.g. ancient Greek philosopher, publicist,
economist, etc. - that would be an additional plus)

The second and no less important criterion, further check will not be if the first two are not disclosed. Therefore it is necessary to take him most seriously.
Step 3: Express your attitude
For example: (I agree with the author that....
It is impossible not to agree with the author of this
statement... The author was right in stating,
that... In my opinion, the author has quite clearly
reflected in his statement the picture of modern Russia (modern society ... the situation in ...
Russia (modern society... the situation,
the situation in society.... one of the problems
of our time)

Step 4: Argumentation at three levels:
(a) theoretical - references to scholars, thinkers
or the author's words, etc.
b) examples from history and social reality
c) personal experience.

Step 5: Problem conclusion
For example:( Thus, I (we) came to the conclusion.
. To summarize, I would like to point out that....)

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