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The Caribbean basin is a territory that experienced unique development, both cultural and industrial. The islands and land were quite isolated from the outer world until New India was discovered. Further, the European expansion on these territories greatly influenced developing countries that were settled many ages before the first ship with Europeans sailed. The scientists strive to explore the Trans-Caribbean as an independent territory with its unique cultures, nations, and languages.

Unfortunately, it's impossible to deny that the region experienced fast-paced growth during the colonization period. The most popular cities were established or developed by the colonizers. Europeans constructed most buildings, brought the basics of medicine, items, crops, and livestock to the region. However, language is the major factor that affected the region's development. A team of international researchers and scientists explore the effect of the local culture and languages on the unique development path. The researchers from the https://www.transcarib.org site explore slang that is a mix of local and new words brought by Europeans. Also, they examine the new facilities established by the local governments to trace the effect of the local culture on the new technologies brought by the first-world countries.


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