UEFI preventing installation of software outside of your local Linux OS

Only choice.. Had to get rid of UEFI - Motherboard: Asus Sabertooth 99FX R2 0 (I accidentally installed UEFI during an update. It ruined my installations on Ubuntu 15.) My BIOS has no switch. Any other method I tried, failed to boot OS. I decided to risk it all in BIOS. And all that I seemed to be able to do was to get rid of UEFI, while still being able to retain a complete Boot to the OS.. Method: Del, F2, brought me to BIOS. Pressed to advanced button (or you could press F7). Boot Tab, then Secure Boot. OS Type: (I did not change Windows UE... ) Last time I changed it I could not get a complete boot. So I left these settings.. Now, I went to Key Managment settings. I selected the Delete PK. It automatically unloaded the one's below.. PK, KEK, and Db.. Saved Settings, then Exit. - Then, and only then, could I install 3rd party software on my installed OS. The software that was outside of my OS. (softwarecenter) (I have no idea of disabling quick boot had any effect on it, but it didn't seem to hurt it) - I like to read my Boot, and I still love my Dos Games.

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user image Author :   George