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Why Did Italy Join WW2

Why Did Italy Join WW2 I was interested in the answer to that question and came across this article a few weeks ago. Personally, history is a passion of mine. My curiosity drives me to find more information about war and Italy in WW2. It was one of the most violent conflicts in history. I hope it never happens again. Italy declared war against France and Great Britain when it entered the Second World War. It is not clear why they did this. The overwhelming majority of historians believe that this happened because Italy's involvement in WW2 was influenced greatly by Germany. These powerful leaders hoped to conquer the whole world. However, they failed. The end result of WW2 was not only disappointing for Italy but for the entire globe that was forever changed. Germany was a dangerous enemy but it was finally defeated. It took many years and much effort to rebuild after such a terrible conflict. Many wars occurred later in history, but none of them were as disastrous as WW2.


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