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Ajenti is a simple, fast and small web based administration tool for managing the servers. It is available for almost all distributions such as Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, Arch, Gentoo and FreeBSD etc.

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Ajenti is a Multilingual Web-Based Server Administration Panel. It is developed for people who are not much good at command line interface. It is possible to configure Operating System internals, such as Users, Files, Services Or Configuration Files, As well as modify and control Open Source apps, such as the Nginx , PHP , cron And others. It is written in Ajenti Python, running as its own process and Web Server. It defaults to TCP Port 8000 for communicating, and is configured to use SSL with an automatically Generated Self-Signed SSL certificate by default. Using this tool the user can check CPU resource usages, DNS, firewall configuration, manage cron jobs, backup/recovery settings and more.

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