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Chgrp (Change Group) is an admin command that changes the group ownership of a file or files that runs on Neutrino. Syntax: chgrp [OPTION]... GROUP FILE... chgrp [OPTION]... --reference=RFILE FILE... chgrp [options] newgroup filename/directoryname [options]

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Chgrp (Change Group) changes the group of each FILE to GROUP. With –reference, the group of each FILE to that of RFILE can be changed.

Chgrp (Change Group) is used to change the group (group name from the group database or group id) associated to a file/folder from one group to other. This is sister command to chown which is used to change ownership of the file/folder as well as group name associated with that file to different one.


-c, --changes

-f, --silent, --quiet


-R, --recursive


-v, --verbose


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