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Linux and Unix-like operating system come with the kill command to terminate stalled or unwanted processes without having to log out or restart the server.

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The kill command sends the specified signal such as kill process to the specified process or process groups. If no signal is specified, the TERM signal is sent. kill command can be internal as part of modern shells built-in function or external located at /bin/kill. For the signals, either the signal name or signal number can be used. If a Linux or Unix process is running a program, a process identification number (PID) is automatically assigned to each process when it is created on the system. PID for the process needs to be looked up and given as an argument to kill.

killall kills processes by name. killall command is used to send a signal to one or more processes matching selection criteria, such as command name, processes owned by a specific user, or all system wide processes.

pkill sends the specified signal (by default SIGTERM) to each process instead of listing them on stdout. pkill can signal multiple processes like killall. Linux and Unix-like operating system supports the standard terminate signals SIGHUP, SIGKILL and SIGTERM.

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