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GNU Midnight Commander (also known as mc, the command used to start it) is a free cross-platform orthodox file manager and visual file manager available in every distributions software repositories as the mc package.

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Midnight Commander is a character-based directory browser and full-screen console file manager application which is a clone of Norton Commander with a text user interface that allows copying, moving and deleting files and whole directory trees, search for files and running commands in the subshell. Midnight Commander includes internal viewer and editor. Midnight Commander is based on text interfaces, such as Ncurses or S-Lang, which allows it to work on a regular console, inside an X Window terminal, over SSH connections, over an RS-232 interface (for embedded devices) and all kinds of remote shells.

The main interface consists of two panels where it can show content of 2 directories. File selection is done using arrow keys, the insert key is used to select files and the function keys perform operations such as renaming, editing and copying files. Midnight Commander also has mouse support on most terminal emulators and on the console if the gpm package is installed.

Midnight Commander offers features like the ability to view the contents of RPM package files, to work with common archive formats (like .ar, .rpm, .cpio, .lha, .rar, .deb, .zoo .tar, compressed tar and .zip)  as if they were simply another directory and to function as an FTP client, renaming groups of files, to function as an FTP or SSH or FISH client, manipulating large collections of files, an editor called mcedit, syntax highlighting for many languages, macros, code snippets, simple integration with external tools, builtin editor/viewer, visual diff tool, automatic indentation, a clipboard, the ability to work in both ASCII and hex modes, moving files to a different directory at the same time as it renames them, specifying the original and resulting file names using wildcard characters, support for FTP, FISH (FIles transferred over SHell), SMB/CIFS protocols, Built in virtual filesystems, can be run on the OS console, in xterm and other terminal emulators, can be run over a telnet or ssh session, embedded file viewer, subshell support for the bash, tcsh, and zsh shells, doing fast ftp and network file transfers, running scripts for any executable file including BASH, Perl, Python, other shell scripts, and binary executables..

It is text based and a graphical tool. It runs on Linux and does file manipulations faster than a non-text graphical tool. Midnight Commander's repository is http://www.midnight-commander.org

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