How to install Elastix 5

To install Elastix 5

Elastix 5 is a recent version of the most sought after unified communication server. It features a secure 3CX telephony engine . Also, it combines IP PBX, email, IM, faxing and collaboration functionality in it. In this article, you will learn the method to install and configure Elastix 5. 

Download the ISO image file from the Elastix official site and use a bootable DVD or a Pendrive to run the installation.  Once the following installer screen appears, choose the graphical install mode. 
The additional components are getting loaded now. 
Once it is loaded, configure the network as follows and click on Continue
Now, enter your IP address and click on Continue
IP address
Enter the Netmask and click on Continue
After that enter the Gateway and click on Continue



Now enter the Nameserver, and click on Continue
Enter your Hostname and click on Continue. Here the hostname is linuxhelp.
Now, Select a language of your choice and click on Continue
Select your location and setup users and passwords. Click on Continue.
Choose the Partition Disks and click on Continue.
Partition Disks
Choose your harddisk now. And then click on Continue.
Select the free space to create partitions.
create partitions
Finish partitioning and write changes to disk as follows. Click on continue after that. 
write changes
The base system is now getting installed. 
base system
3CX has been installed. but it is not over yet as you need to configure 3CX. You can do that using a web browser. 
web browser
Note the port number you need to enter on the browser. 
Get the PBX license key from the browser. 
PBX license key
Enter your details and click submit
click submit
Check your e-mail address for license key details. 
 license key
Verify your e-mail address 
e-mail address
e-mail address has been verified. 
Copy the license key from your email. 
license key
Paste it on the required field and click on Next.
Paste license key
You will be asked to enter the 3CX management console credentials. Enter them and click on Continue.
Enter your public IP. 
public ip
Select the type of your public IP
 type of public ip
Once it is done Configure FQDN as follows. 

Click on Next.
Select the network adapter and click on next.
Creating FQDN and certificates.
Once it is done, enter HTTP and HTTPS ports and finally click on Finish. 
HTTP and HTTPS ports
3CX installation has been completed.
3CX management console login page appears on your screen. 
console login page
Once logged in, choose the extension length and click on Next
 extension length
Then add Admin E-mail and click on Next



Once it is done, configure the Mail Server, and click on Next
Select your country and time zone. 
Once it is done, configure your operator extension and click next
Configure allowed countries and click on Next
allowed countries
Now select language and click on Next
Select language
Enter registration details and finally click on finish.
Enter registration
Elastix 5 installation has been completed successfully.
installation completed

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