How to Install GhostBSD Linux

To install GhostBSD Linux

GhostBSD is an user friendly Linux based operating system. It allows the users to create a familiar workspace that can be used for data rescue. GhostBSD supports a several lightweight desktop environments like MATE, Xfce, LXDE and Openbox. Installation of GhostBSD Linux is explained in this article.


Installation of GhostBSD Linux

Before installing GhostBSD, go to official site and download the ISO image file for making bootable media like USB or DVD. Then plug it with your system to boot into setup wizard for GhostBSD.


Choose Live Session in the Boot Menu.



Login with default username.



Click on GhostBSD installer icon, which is displayed on the desktop.



Select your language and click on continue option.


Choose your keyboard layout.



Select your default Time Zone.



Here you need to select the ZFS Configuration and click on next option



Enter the size for the swap partition and then click next option.



Set password for root user account.



Create new user account.



Installation process get started.



Once the installation is completed, restart your computer to take effect.



Login with user credential to access GhostBSD.




Access GhostBSD and have fun!!!


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Jo 11-12-2017 at 12:09
Good video .. BUT .. GhostBSD** is NOT derived from Linux. The video is definitely a welcome, and useful intro to the installer. Thanks for that. I believe you will prefer that your website visitors will respect your material.. So, please allow me propose that you edit this article title, above, and edit the video's title to remove "Linux", and re-link to the edited video. Thank you for this video, and for your interesting website, and thank you for your patience. **GhostBSD is built from FreeBSD; a derivative of Unix by way of Berkeley Software Distribution, NOT by way of any Linux Torvalds kernel :)