How to install XAMPP on CentOS 7

How to install XAMPP on CentOS7

XAMPP is free, open source, and multi-platform web-server which deploys  Apache for HTTP Service, Mariadb/MySQL for database storage and PHP/Perl programming languages. It is widely used for testing and deployment purposes. In this tutorial, we are going to see about the installation of XAMPP server on CentOS 7. 


To install XAMPP

Before initiating the installation for download the installer script file for XAMPP from the following link.




Download the file from either one of the links. After downloading the file, navigate it to the downloads directory. 

[root@localhost ~]# cd Downloads/
[root@localhost Downloads]# ls

Once the file is moved, set executable permission for installer script by using the following command. 

[root@localhost Downloads]# chmod +x

Now is the time to run the script file to install XAMPP. The installation will start in the graphical way.

[root@localhost Downloads]# ./

The installation setup window appears on your screen. 


Select the needed components. 




All the necessary configuration is done. XAMPP is now ready to be installed, click on Next option. 



The installation takes place. 


Finally click on the Finish option to complete the installation. 


XAMPP Dashboard opens after the installation. 




You can manage the servers with XAMPP. 


To view default webpage for XAMPP type “localhost” on your browser.


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lasamarndi 20-09-2017 at 18:01
it is showing error
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arunkumarak 21-09-2017 at 16:04
Please post the issue. We suggest you to post it as a question on our forum at where you will find the solution to the issue through discussions.
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sagarmali 13-05-2018 at 14:53
HI, thanks for the post really was helpful. i installed it and ran one time. but i cant see xamp in applications. how i can run again it after ?