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CPU fan keeps wavering - what's causing it?


So, I' m using a stock Intel cooler with my i7-2600K, and I' m noticing that the cooler isn' t running at a consistent " humm" . It keeps wavering (the RPM slightly speeds up for just a second and slows down, and then ramps up again - in correlation with activity on the desktop), and it' s driving me crazy. This is happening when I' m just on the desktop and web-browsing. It' s possible it' s always done this and I never noticed it until now, which is why I' m asking. I should note that I did several things with my computer recently: 1. Replaced a motherboard, so I had to re-install the cooler (and do the requisite reapplication of the thermal paste)2. Replaced a case (from an Antec 300 to a Corsair 600T)
3. Replaced power supply (from Antec 650W to Corsair 1200W) What could be the cause of this fan wavering? Or is it normal? I should also note that the Corsair 600T has a fan-controller, and interestingly enough, whenever I turn up the speed on the CASE fans, my CPU fan also speeds up. The CASE fans (and the fan controller) are powered directly through the power supply, so is the case controlling the CPU fan through the motherboard headers? Could this be causing the CPU fan wavering? Or does it have something to do with the re-install of the cooler/reapplication of the thermal paste? Or is there some issue with the power supply not feeding power consistently to the motherboard?

Please help.

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