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Flash Drive EXT4 Format Error: 64-bit filesystem is not enabled

I can't format my flash drive to EXT4 without receiving this error, followed by it becoming read only and fighting with me until I clear it. Can someone help me troubleshoot this? Is this an issue with the flash drive or my BIOS? Is this fixable, or do I need a different flash drive? How do I know this won't happen on a new flash drive?

The full error is: 64-bit filesystem support is not enabled. The larger fields afforded by this feature enable full-strength checksumming. Pass -0 64bit to rectify.

I'm trying to install POP OS! to run off a flash drive btw. Using a separate installer flash drive to install onto this one. This is the one issue that has kept me from doing so, and took me literal weeks (almost months) to get this far.


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