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Linux Mint 18.3 - NFS Shares - Only Root Can Mount Share

Assistance Required

I have followed the "How to Set up NFS Share on LinuxMint 18.3" tutorial step for step. However, your tutorial shows that you are doing this as root user? I have problems mounting the share on the client machine as it gives e the following error - the Only Root can mount shares? Please advise on how I can achieve access to their server without having to have root access. The server consists of the 3 internal hard drives which automatically mount on bootup.


The media folder above has 777 permissions, I see your share in the tutorial has the shared folder in the "home" directory, I need the shares to be linked to the folder path as above, without needing to be the root user on the client machine to mount the shares?

Any advice on this will be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks


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